About Us

As a small family owned and operated carpet cleaning company, owner Rick McCauley and his family, bring 35+ years of carpet cleaning experience into your home.
We strive to provide our customers with professional, courteous and most of all a reasonably priced high quality service!  The majority of our business is derived from recommendations and repeat customers.  We hope you will agree

Why should you clean your carpet?  
Dirt is abrasive and will ruin your carpet if left in place. Every step taken on the soil grinds it further into the carpet fibers.
This permanently damages the carpet and will cause it to wear much more quickly than carpet that is regularly cleaned. When comparing the price of cleaning to the price of replacement,the choice is obvious.

Clean floors make your entire home look significantly better. this is a huge visual signal that the appearance of your property is a priority.

It is a myth that cleaning your carpets causes them to get dirtier faster. In reality, Shaw Industries,the largest carpet manufacturer in the world,recommends hot water extraction (our steam cleaning method) of your carpets regularly. The myth was created by carpet cleaners who use a different cleaning  method. This involves running solutions and detergents directly through their water lines, which dose not allow proper rinsing. When not properly rinsed, the residue of the detergents act as a magnet for dirt. Our method is different; we do not run detergents or solutions through our lines.We separately apply the detergents, and then use a truck powered steam cleaner to remove all of our cleaning products and the soil from your carpeting.                                                                          

 "They are on time, professional and my carpeting is beautifully cleaned.
Even pet stains are removed. I've found someone I can trust to keep my carpet looking its best."

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