Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We begin your carpet cleaning experience by applying a pre-spray to all carpet to loosen soil.  Next, we use our truck mounted steam cleaner to deep clean all carpets. All spot cleaning is done at no additional charge.
This is followed by a thorough clear water rinse to remove all pre-spray and soil. By not running detergent through our water lines, we are able to remove all residue so your carpet stays cleaner longer.
Our Carpet Cleaning Trucks
  • Our Carpet Cleaning Truck mounted cleaning system dries in hours, not days!
  • All trucks are equipped with a water softener so your carpets remain soft, not stiff.
  • Our truck mounted system heats the water to over 200 degrees for optimum steam carpet cleaning.
  • We also have a mobile air duct cleaner that allows us to get every vent in your home.

We also provide additional services such as....
  • High powered deodorizer that eliminate any carpet odors and not just masks them!
  • Scotch Guard puts a protective coating over your carpet, so the scotch guard gets soiled and not the carpet, making it easier to remove spots and spills. It also makes it harder for dry soils to stick to the carpet, so when you vacuum you get more of the soil out.
  • Air duct cleaning using the brush method, for helping improve air quality around your home.

"I am a property manager and owner for apartments in the St. Paul area. I have been working exclusively with Ultimate Performance for the past 5 years. I find them respectful of our properties and they have extended the "shelf-life" of many of our carpets getting stains out that many companies would have left behind. I have referred many friends and neighbors to him over the years, and will continue to do so. Rick's company is our carpet cleaning company--and it really is the best! "

-Susan with Maple Leaf Management, Inc.Marci
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